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can you check my answers(has star next to it)
1. Absolute zero is when T = 0 K.

A. true*
B. false

2. Molecular motion is neglibible at absolute zero.

A. true*
B. false

3. Absolute zero is the temperature when P = 0.

A. true*
B. false

4. Absolute zero is when T = 0C

A. true
B. false*

5. When pressure is plotted on the x-axis and Celsius temperature is on the y-axis, the y-intercept is absolute zero .

A. true*
B. false

  1. DrBob222

    I would think about the answers to 3 and 5. The question doesn't say that the gas is an ideal gas or not so I'm a little confused about some of the implications because of that. I think your answers to questions 1, 2, and 4 are fine.
    For 3, although the pressure of an ideal gas is zero at absolute zero, that is NOT the definition of absolute zero. Perhaps this is a nit-picky point. The question appears to be defining absolute zero as the point when P = 0.
    For #5, if we plot T vs P for an ideal gas, won't the extrapolated line go through zero?
    Perhaps this is not an ideal gas. For a real gas, the y-intercept might be the VOLUME of the gas at absolute zero,
    Check my thinking.

  2. DrBob222

    Scratch that last sentence. Volume isn't even in the P vs T question.

  3. pardeep

    state charle s law

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