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I needed help with this question. I’m not sure I got it quite right.

Is it correct to say that in every case, without exception, any radio wave travels faster than any sound wave?

ANSWER: Yes, it is correct to say because radio waves are electromagnetic waves, and travel at the speed of light. They do not need a media of any type to move through. Sound waves travel at various speeds depending on the media they are transmitted in, but there is nothing they can go through that can make them travel at the speed of light.

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    Never say without exception.

    radio waves are light waves, the speed of which depends on the medium. Matter slows light. In Einstein Bose Condensates, the speed of light has been slowed to 38miles/hr, and even once to zero mph. Are there sound waves which travel faster than this? Of course.

    So the question depends on is it asking all light speeds vs any sounds speed? the way it is written, it is false. Sound in air is faster than light in an Einstein-Bose condensate.

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