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Anyone can help me solve 2 of those problems

A man lifts a box of books that weigh 185N. The box is lifted 0.80m. How much work does the student do on the box?

A thermometer can measure temperature to the nearest enth of a degree. Which of the following readings gives the temperature to the accuracy of the thermometer?
a) 67.43
b) 67
c) 6.743x10^1
d) 67.4
e) None of these

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    The man exerts a force of 185 Newtons up.
    The box moves .8 meters up
    The work done = .8*185 newton meters which is called Joules

  • Physics -

    Only d is to a tenth of a degree.
    A is to a hundredth
    B is to a whole degree
    C is to a hundredth (It is really the same a A)

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    thanks a lot

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