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Can you help me check the mistakes in the following paragraphs, please?

1) The biker who was in the first place was in a few metres from the arriving line but he put his hands in the air for cheering and he fell over because he lost control of the bike.
Then the other bikers caught up with him and managed to overtake him. So he lost the competition.

2) My mum opened the washing machine to clean some clothes. While my mum was in another room, my red cat jumped into the washing machine. She didn’t realize where the cat was and switched it on. Ten minutes later my mum heard a m. She saw the cat through the window and immediately opened the washing machine. The poor cat ran away, it was very shocked

3) One day, last year I was very late for school because the day before I went to my best friend’s house and I stayed over. We chatted for hours instead of sleeping and the following morning we didn’t hear the alarm clock. So we woke up at 7 o’clock. We had to be at the bus station, that wasn’t near her house, at 7.05. So we started running but on the road there was a lot of ice, we were in winter and the day before had snowed. I ran next to her (?), but she fell over on the ice and I fell with her.
The problem was that my friend wore glasses and she broke them. So she was very angry and we fell out. While we were discussing, the bus passed.. We waited for the next one and we laughed about the accident.

Thank you for your help

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    First of all, read each of these aloud -- or better yet, ask someone to read them aloud to you. You'll hear (and be able to fix) several very obvious errors.

    Please post again once you've done your first-round clean-up.

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