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Let's say that you find a slope of 6.671×10-14 for square plates of width 11.5 cm. What do you get for the value of the permittivity of free space?

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    what slope are you talking about? What is being plotted?

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    Im not really sure, that is all that as being asked.
    Maybe it has to do with this first question as well?.... The electric field near the surface of a uniformly charged conducting plane can be determined by Gauss's law (look it up). If the plane is a square of sides 11.5 cm and carries a charge of 22.0 nC (that's nanocoulombs), what is the magnitude of the electric field near the surface?

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    (-5.00 + 1.00 j)/( 5.00 + 2.00 j )=
    in polar

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