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if 4.36g of a hydrate of the salt baCl2 is heated and in the process losses 0.6431g of mass, show all your work to calculate the amount of water X in the hydrate, BaCl2.XH2O

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    BaCl2*2H2O --> BaCl2 +2H20
    4.36g ............... 3.72 ... 0.643g

    Convert each of the mass of product to moles.
    3.72 g BaCl2 x (1 mol BaCl2 / 208.3 g BaCl2) = 0.0179 mol BaCl2
    0.643g H2O x (1 mol H2O / 18.0 g H2O) = 0.0357 mol H2O

    Mole H2O / mole BaCl2 = 2 / 1

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    I am in university of calgary also in chemistry 201 also haha..

    Anyways, i did the same thing as fat and got 2 im guessing it is the right answer.

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