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tarzan tries to cross a river by swinging from one bank to the other on a vine that is 10.0 meters long. his speed at the bottom of the swimg is 8.0 meters/second. Tarzan does not know that the vine has a breaking strnght of 1000 newtons. what is the largest mass that tarzan can have and still make it safely across the river?

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    Ac = v^2/r = 64/10 = 6.4 m/s^2
    total tension = m (9.8+6.4) = 1000
    m = 1000/(9.8+6.4)

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    Rope tension at lowest point of swing
    = M (g + a)


    a = V^2/R

    R = 10.0 m.

    If it breaks,

    m (g + V^2/R) = 1000 N

    Solve for m. They tell you what v is. (It actually depends upon how high up he starts the jump)

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