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Can you help me check this paragraph?

1) When I was a child, I went to the seaside with my family and some of my parents’ friends. One day it was very hot so I decided to go into the water with my friends and our small inflatable mattress.
2)We swam dragging the inflatable mattress with us but we didn’t realize that the more we swam the more the water became deep and when we discovered it , it was too late.
We were far away from the beach and we didn’t see our parents.
3) We were scared, we shouted but we weren’t alone because near us there were two guys who were about 15 years old and they brought us on their inflatable mattress, that was bigger than ours.
4)So, thanks to them, we arrived on the beach. We were scared but save

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    1. OK

    2. Comma after "us" and comma after "swam." Make a new sentence after "deep." Comma after "beach."

    3. Make a new sentence after "scared." Comma after "shouted." New sentence after "15 years old." No comma after "mattress."

    4. Last word is "safe" and put a period at the end of the sentence.

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