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How do you solve this? I posted this question last night and someone answered but it wasn't the right answer. I have tried so many times and still can't get the right answer. the right answer is suppose to be 15/2

5/6-1/3+ 7/8/(1/2)^3

Thank you for your help!!

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    When you posted this question last night it was like this:

    drwls answered it correctly following the order of operation the way you typed it.

    Now you changed the question.
    do you mean (7/8) ÷ (1/2)^3 or
    7 ÷ (8/(1/2)^3 ??

    e.g. 4/5/6
    if 4 ÷ (5/6)
    then 4(6/5) = 24/5

    if (4/5) ÷ 6
    then (4/5)(1/6) = 4/30 = 2/15 , not the same

    Please clarify.

    A "triple decker" fraction like
    7/8/(1/2)^3 is ambiguous

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    I meant this one:

    (7/8) ÷ (1/2)^3

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    ok then

    5/6-1/3+ (7/8) ÷ (1/2)^3
    = 5/6-1/3+ (7/8) ÷ (1/8)
    = 5/6 - 2/6 + 7
    = 5/6 - 2/6 + 42/6
    = 45/6
    = 15/2

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