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Can you check for the last time if everything is correct? Thank you very much in advance!!!
The poem is narrated by the mirror and has a balanced structure with two verses mirroring each other. This emphasizes the idea of the first stanza, which describes the mirror, reflecting the second stanza where the character of the woman is developed. The statements made by the mirror are short and simple to convince the reader of the reliability and objectivity of the mirror. In the first stanza the mirror introduces itself. It claims to have no preconceptions and that it reflects whatever it sees unaffected by love or dislike and exact without any distortions. Unlike human beings it is not swayed by emotions. It is objective and unfeeling. It portrays objectively the items that come before it. It is the eye of a little God, four-cornered. However, later it talks about the opposite wall being “part of my heart” and that it “meditates” on that wall. It has looked at it so long that it feels that the wall has become part of its soul. However, the image in the mirror swiftly changes.In the second stanza the mirror compares itself to a lake, a woman bends over it to see what she is really like. The mirror is important to her. She is addicted to the mirror to the point where she's searching "for what she really is" in the mirror, despite the fact that the mirror is cruel and blunt. This again gives power to the mirror. Unlike the moon and the candle, the mirror is truthful since it reflects reality. She rewards it with tears and a trembling of the hand. The young girl she was, is now growing old. The ageing process is turning into a frightening experience for her (“like a terrible fish”)

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