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1. Works such as "To Build a Fire" gave Naturalist writers such as Jack London a platform to argue that (Points: 5)
human wisdom ingenuity can solve all problems.
life in the woods is fun and easy.
natural forces are powerful and unpredictable and deserve respect.
the protective boundaries of civilization keep people safe.

2. In James Thurber's story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," the title character is gradually revealed to be someone who (Points: 5)
is bold and heroic on the inside but outwardly shy and passive.
is quite able to look out for himself.
is happy with his life and sees no need to change it.
longs for a quiet life away from adventure and danger.

3. In "In Just-," the poet uses the the words "and bettyandisabel come dancing / from hop-scotch and jump-rope and / it's / spring" to create a mood of (Points: 5)
boring routine.
happy activity.
peaceful days.
hopeless dejection.

4. James Thurber writes "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" from a limited third-person point of view so that (Points: 5)
readers can experience the details of Mitty's daydreams.
the mood of the story can shift frequently.
readers can find out what other characters do while Mitty daydreams.
the story�s narrator can keep distance from the events of Mitty�s life.

5. In Guy de Maupassant's "The Piece of String," the main character is sorry to discover that (Points: 5)
his reputation as a liar means that no one believes him when he tells the truth.
he cannot trust his local government officials to deal fairly with him.
thieves will gladly blame an innocent man to avoid getting caught.
some people will not listen to reasonable argument.

6. The climax of "The Glass of Milk" occurs when (Points: 5)
the narrator describes the story�s physical setting.
the boy refuses the sailor's offer of food.
the boy consumes the wafer and milk that he cannot pay for.
the boy begins to feel very hungry.

7. Which of the following quotations is an example of dialect from Langston Hughes�s short story �Gumption�? (Points: 5)
�There was no peace at home that morning.�
�You can�t eat gumption.�
�Well, that made the old man mad.�
�Well, they ain�t got no better, leastwise not for colored.�

8. To help readers visualize and relate to autumn in �To Autumn,� John Keats (Points: 5)
uses the first-person point of view to convey his personal response to Autumn.
compares Autumn to the city of London in an extended metaphor.
alliteration, filling the entire poem with �s sounds.
personifies Autumn as a woman to whom he can speak.

9. A poem that uses neither rhyme nor regular meter is (Points: 5)
a free-verse poem.
an epic.
a narrative poem.
an ode.

10. Which of the following statements best describes the purpose of the motif of falling leaves in Gerard Manley Hopkins's poem "Spring and Fall"? (Points: 5)
The motif helps readers understand the innocence of youth.
The motif reminds readers of the beauty of autumn.
The motif emphasizes the fact that everything dies.
The motif promises that spring will come again soon.

11. In her poem "July," Susan Hartley Swett's use of words like dream, lazy, and lullaby are appropriate because (Points: 5)
they make her poem "July" funny.

they help create a sense of anger in her poem.

they help capture the slow and relaxed pace of life during July.

they make readers remember Lenore.

12. What is ironic about what happens to Hauchecorne in "The Piece of String"? (Points: 5)
Hauchecorne spends his entire life hoping to find some string, but when he finds some it causes problems.

Goderville is known as a town full of thieves.

Malandain was once Hauchecorne's best friend.

His reputation as a deceitful person makes others disbelieve him, even though he is telling the truth.

13. In �In Just-� Cummings�s description of the balloonman as "goat-footed" is (Points: 5)
a prediction about what will happen to the children.
an allusion to Pan, a Greek god who charmed forest creatures into dancing.
a comparison between the children and the balloonman.
a statement of the worth of free-verse poetry.

14. "The Lady or the Tiger?" is a unique short story because it has no (Points: 5)

rising action.



15. Like most autobiographies, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings uses the ___________ point of view to draw readers closer to the story being told. (Points: 5)
third-person omniscient

third-person limited



16. What is the impact of the setting on the events in Mark Twain's "A Cub Pilot"? (Points: 5)
The setting creates a rich environment of specific language and imagery for Twain to draw on.
Setting has no impact on the events.
The setting draws the characters into conflicts that otherwise might not arise.
The setting provides opportunities for Twain to include humor.

17. In �In Just-,� words like mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful (Points: 5)
capture the way the world looks and feels at the start of spring.

demonstrate how dangerous the balloonman might be to the children.

create a high level of suspense in the poem.

force readers to understand the irony of the poem.

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