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can you proof read once more please
it was grammar worksheet i just corrected but i thought it will lots of mistake that why i gave to you to proofread.
tomorrow i have to tell the answers because everyone has some paragraph

On April 9, 1917, Easter Monday, Canadian soldiers in World War I mounted their most important offensive of the war. Vimy Ridge,a hill in northern France had been captured by the Germans early in the war and neither the French nor the British had been able to recapture it. The Canadians succeeded where other armies had failed. On that fateful day, more than 3500 Canadian soldiers died, and another 7000 were injured in the space of just seven hours -- but the hill was theirs.
Certainly,the battle was a turning point in the war. It was also, however, a turning point in Canada's development as a country. The courageous victory of our soldiers in their first major battle gave Canadians the respect of their allies and the lasting sense of pride and self identity. Many believe this was when Canada came of age as a nation. Among those who espouse this view is the well-known historian Pierre Berton, whose book "Vimy" did much to bring the battle to the prominence it deserves in the Canadian history.
Seventy-five years later, the battle was commemorated by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, President Francois Mitterand of France, and by 14 surviving veterans who still remember the day when so many of their comrades died. In his speech,Mulroney made the following plea-
"We are here not only to keep faith with those who made the supreme sacrifice, but to rededicate ourselves to the values and ideals that they so courageously defended. Their contribution to the Allied victory in the first world war will be celebrated wherever men and women discuss freedom and the bravery of those who fought to preserve it."

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    I already corrected this paragraph.

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