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Outline the results of fur trade from the points of view of both the French traders and the Native peoples whom they encountered.

The French expanded their trading activities along the St. Lawrence River and around the Great Lakes. They controlled most of the early fur trade in what became known as Canada. They obtained furs from the Huron Indians and later form Ottawa. They also developed trade along the Mississippi river. The fur trade contributed to the development of British and French empires in North America. The prospect of wealth from the fur trade attracted many Europeans to the new world. The fur trade led to conflict between France and Great Britain in America. The fur trade promoted friendly relations between the Indians and the white.

The fur trade made wealth for the Ntives easy to gain, but soon things changed and the French traders got full control of it. The French attacked the Iroquois vollages, and even burned some homes, the Iroquois people did not want things to get worse, and gave up. The French still gave Iroquois some areas for fur trade, but made their own colonies more stronger.

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