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"If Whales Could Think On Certain Happy Days"
by Irving Layton

As the whale surfaced
water spouted from his head
in great jets of praise
for the silent, awesome
he beheld between sea and sky.

filled his immense body
for his sense of well-being,
his being-at-oneness
with the universe
and he thought:
"Surely the Maker of Whales
made me for a purpose".

Just then the harpoon
slammed into his side
tearing a hole in it
as wide as the sky.

In a complete paragraph of at least 8 senatnces explain the message the author is expressing to us. Use some direct quotes from the poem to support your reasoning. Help, please and thank you? :)

  • poetry -

    Read the poem out loud. After each section write down in a few words what the section is basically about. Pick out important words.

    Then write what you think the whole poem is about. How does it apply to you? When you have finished, please repost and we will be happy to make further suggestions.

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