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Your mom is a sporting person, so when it's close to your bedtime, she will have a contest with you to see if you get to stay up an extra half-hour to play a computer game. You get to draw a card from a well-shuffled deck. If you draw a face card, an ace, or any heart, she'll "have a heart" and let you stay up. If you draw any other card, you lose and go ahead to bed. Who has the best chance of winning, you or your Mom?

  • math -

    hearts = 13
    aces = 4
    face cards = 12
    total = 29
    but we counted AH, JH, QH, KH, twice
    so the actual count = 29-4 = 25

    prob(staying up) = 25/52
    prob(going to bed) = 1 - 25/52 = 27/52

    so what do you think?

  • math -

    mom has a higher chance of winning

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