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Public’s right to know
You’re right to privacy

When does the public right to know become unreasonable? Does an individual’s privacy become irrelevant when the public’s safety is concerned? When the public’s right to know outweighs the ongoing privacy of an individual is when it becomes a concern. These concerns are expressed in the ministers black veil, with the public at large being concerned about the veil that the minister has covered his face with, and his intent to withhold information. Does the public have the right to know why the minister has a black veil covering his face? Not at all, the individual’s privacy; in this case the minister’s veil has the right to withhold the reason for his face covering. The public’s safety is not at concern and safety is not jeopardized. Only when the publics safety is jeopardized is when you’re right to withhold information becomes irrelevant, all other information is to be disclosed at said individual’s discursion. Thus the public’s right to know only becomes relevant if the public’s safety is jeopardized. This entails both physical and mental harm; the citizens in the ministers black veil had no physical harm dose to them, as well as no mental harm. The citizens in the ministers black veil are nothing more then nosey!

Why do people consider it there right to know what others are doing? What mind mentality doses one have to obtain to be concerned with everything in an individual’s life? Most people like to be in the “now” wanting to know everything around them, whether or not it concern’s them in any way. When we look at and example of the publics right to know and individuals right to privacy the first thing you see is “right to privacy” it’s just how it sounds, everyone has a right to keep things they do not wish to disclose privet. But that right can become invalid, with a case of a elementary school buss driver in Chicago who was accused of molesting a child that got on his bus, when the school distract and parents attempted to investigate by getting a hold of privet records that the bus bard held; they had the door slammed in there face. When the publics or an individual’s safety; physical or mental wellbeing is at risk is the only time when a persons right to privacy becomes invalid. The bus driver was eventually convicted and charged with the crime, but only after a long battle to obtain said documents, where the molested Childs safety and wellbeing where indefinitely in jeopardy. We see more examples of this in a song that Imogen Heap made called “Hide and Seek”, the song portrays the struggle between people’s right to know and how sometimes you don’t even know that someone wants to know. “Mmmm Whatcha say, Mmm that you only meant well” are lines in the song that can be related to the publics right to know, and an individual’s right to privacy. Often times when the public or individual are attempting to obtain information, even if the intent is good, the result may not be so good.

The sad truth is that no matter how hard you attempt to obtain or hide information, you wont be able to obtain or hide it forever. When you do uncover that you’re seeking it may not be what you first thought. You’re right to privacy is not absolute, you’re information may endanger the public or and individual; Thus the public’s right to know becomes relevant if the publics safety is in question. This entails again, both physical and mental harm. No bus driver, teacher, student of any kind has the right to withhold information from a relevant investigation, the fools trap most people fall into is the illusionary belief that they have the “Absolute” right to there own privacy, not privacy is absolute; just as the ministers black veil showed us, even death you can’t keep your right to privacy.

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