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I do not understand how to do this problem

((sin^3 A + cos^3 A)/(sin A + cos A) ) = 1 - sin A cos A

note that all the trig terms are closed right after there A's

sin A cos A
sin (A) cos (A)

I wrote it out like this

0 = - sin^6 A - cos^6 A + 2sin^3 A cos^3 A - 2sin^3 A - 3sin^2 A cos^2 A - 2sinA cosA + 1

I graphed the problem and my solution and got the same line so my questio is how do i simplify thank you????

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    use graphic techiques in radians I found that it is roughly equal to

    -.5 sin [ 20.42036^-1(x + 40.84071)pi ] + 1


    that didn't get me any were lol

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