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How do i sue hace in the following sentence I have been enjoying music and movies for over five years

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    I suspect that the word "hace" comes into play when saying "for over five years".

    as in :
    Hace mas que cinco an~os que yo he gozado (etc.) ...

    Our expert SraMcGin will probably provide a more correct answer later today.

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    Hace más de cinco años que me encantan la música y las películas.

    There are 2 little grammar points in this sentence. más que becomes más de before a number

    encantar is to love/enjoy. You could also use "gustan" in place of "encantan" but either verb is plural because 2 things ARE pleasing, etc.

    The other grammar point is that when you say in English " I have been + verb with hace and a period of time" you will use "hace + period of time and then the verb in the Present Tense."

    Therefore literally (word for word) it looks like you are saying: It makes more than 5 years that music and movies ARE pleasing/ARE enjoyable to me.


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