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Estimate a range for each sum.

3.89 + 42.71 + 12.32

I don't understand what to do for "estimating a range".

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    The range is the numbers that the answer must fall between.

    3.89 = about 4
    42.71 = about 43
    12.32 = about 12

    Add those numbers in your head -- 59

    The range must be 58 - 60

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    You're welcome.

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    why do eskimos wash their clothes in tide? Don't understand what the answer is

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    First do front end estimation which is just adding the whole numbers. Round the decimals to either 0.50 or 1. Add it to your answer for the whole numbers. Last add it to the decimal answer and your range is going to be bweetn your whole number answer and your total answer you have for adding the decimals and whole numbers

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    How do you do pi and trigonometry?

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    what if you do all those steps but somehow it still wrong?

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    Front end estimation will answer the question for you

    From Google:
    Front end estimation mostly produces a closer estimate of sums or differences than the answer produced by adding or subtracting rounded numbers.

    How to estimate a sum by front end estimation:

    Add the digits of the two highest place values
    Insert zeros for the other place values

    Example 1: 4496 + 3745 is estimated to be 8100 by front end estimation (i.e. 4400 + 3700).
    Example 2: 4496 + 745 is estimated to be 5100 by front end estimation (i.e. 4400 + 700).

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    Thankyou so much! I was stuck on that question.

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    ma name is jeff

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