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spanish 2

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were learning about affirmative/negative usted/tu commands and on the model it says "Tenemos pelo sucio. (el perfume)" and then the answer is "no lo compren" why compren, why not compre?

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    Look at the endings.... Is one singular and one plural? Is tenemos singular or plural?

  • spanish 2 -

    It will be that easy = singular or plural.

    If you are speaking to one person, saying don't buy: no compres (tú) and no compre (usted)

    If you are speaking to more than one person = no compréis (vosotros) but no compren ustedes)

    That's it for the negative, HOWEVER the affirmative command for tú is just like the 3rd-person singular of the Present tense.

    Compra (tú) but Compre (usted)

    Comprad (vosotros) but Compren (ustedes)


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