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Share $100 between Joseph and Peter so that Joseph has 3 times as much as Peter.

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    Let x = the amount of money that Peter has. Now try to set up the equation to solve for x.

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    sorry i don't understand

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    You want to solve for the amount of money that Peter has. So you let your variable equal that amount of money.

    Now, you know that Peter's money + Joseph's money = $100.

    Can you express the amount of money Joseph has in terms of x, the amount of money Peter has?

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    so altogether the have $100. Joseph has 3 time more then Peter. would joseph have $75 and Peter have $15 ?

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    I believe you mean that Peter has $25, which would be correct.

    Could you write the equation you used to solve that?

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    ohyes sorry i meant that.
    3/4 of 100 is 75
    so the rest is 25

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    Again, where is your variable (x) in the equation?

    You should have an equation that looks like the following:

    "Peter's money + Joseph's money = $100"
    x + J(x) = $100

    where J(x) is a (simple) function expressing Joseph's money in terms of x.

    The reason I ask is not to make it hard now, but because you will encounter problems that cannot be solved mentally - multiple variable problems, for example. You will need to be able to set up an equation from the word problem.

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    Oh. ook ... thank you for your help

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    alex spent 3/7 of his money. he give 1/4 of the reminder to his sister. he had $120
    left. how much money did he have in the begining

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