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Not sure on a few of my answers, can you help?
1. Find the slope and y intercept : f(x)=-5x-7
slope = -5
intercept = (0,-7). Is this right?

-1/2x=-5/6 my answer was 5/3 was this right?

If I have these two sets of coordinate (-4,0) and (0,2) will my slope be -1/2? Same question as above with different coordinates: (0,3) and (-5,-3) m=6/5 am I right?

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    yes, yes, yes, yes.

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    1. Correct

    x = 5/3

    If that is the equation of a line, though, the slope is undefined because it is a vertical line.

    Check your signs on the first coordinate problem. The second is correct.

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    Confused one said all were right, but the other said the first coordinates had a problem with the sign, only one is negative , so would't the answer be negative,or is it in-fact right? I re-did it and came up with the same answer... what is wrong with that one?

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