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Suppose that the allele for tallness (T) is dominant over shortness (t); that for Yellow (Y) is dominant over green (y); and that for roundness (W) is dominant over wrinkled (w). Suppose we cross two plants with genotypes TTYyWw and TtYyWw. The probability of a Tall, Yellow, Round plant is:

(a) 9/16
(b) 3/32
(c) 1/16
(d) 9/32
(e) 3/16

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    Using a Punnett square, all will be Tall with at least one T, 3/4 will be Yellow (with at least one Y gene) and 3/4 will be Round (with at least one W gene).

    The probability of all events occurring is found by multiplying the probability of the individual events.

    I assume you can do the multiplication.

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