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Discuss examples of the ways in which door and keys are used as symbols in The Miracle Worker. Make at least two references to specific details in the play to support your ideas.

The greatest symbolic representations of Helen and her inability to communicate come from the key. Upon Annie’s arrival, a fight takes place between Annie and Helen in a bedroom. Their struggle leaves the room in complete mess. Helen, however, escapes through the door and locks it behind her, leaving Annie trapped in the room. This action, by Helen, is a symbolic seal, which represents a blockade from Annie so that she cannot enter Helen’s world and teach her to communicate.

Shortly after locking Annie in the bedroom, Helen hides the key in her mouth, further demonstrating that she is locking Annie away from teaching her language. While Captain Keller feverishly relinquishes Annie from her imprisonment, Helen slyly drops the key into the well. She does this to indicate that the only way to unlock the learning barricade that seals Helen from the world is through water.

Abruptly after learning the word water, Helen retrieves a key from her mother and gives it to Annie; consequently demonstrating that Annie had finally unlocked the doors to Helen’s mind. Therefore I believe that the key exemplifies the key to learn in The Miracle Worker.

Is this all right?


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    hey, I like it, and frankly, never saw the symbols you explored. I think it is good. I could nitpic, but it is good. I didn't check grammar, that is not my strength.

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    Thank You! =)


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