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Can you check these sentences, please?
1)If you want to reduce this problem (a synonym for reduce?)
2)He thought that in a man there are good and evil parts (there is a good and an evil part)
3)You have to reuse them (instead of use them more times)
4)He said that he would that his children wouldn’t be judged (that he wished that his children.)
5)They campaigned against the laws of segregation (is against correct?)
6)She didn’t get up to leave her seat (is it correct?)
7)When there was a pull on the rope he had to decide what to do: hang on the rope and die or cut it and live
8)Paul uses the Internet to download answers: he sends the questions and they write the answers and with them he could pass his course.
9)Alternatives to animal testing are do experiments using human tissue
10)He couldn’t control his evil part and always did wrong actions
11)He decided to help his friend by lowering him on his rope
12)I use the Internet to research a lot of things for school
13)With the computer you can test drugs like on animals”. (You can test drugs using computer programmes instead of animals)
14)With the computer can simulate the test of drugs on the animal and this method is efficient and secure (The computer enables you to test drugs …..)
15)If I want to help, I mustn’t use plastic bags (is must correct?)
16)He had lost control of his transformations
17)She took the bus to go home. She sat down on an empty seat. A man asked her to stand up because he wanted to sit himself (is the position of himself correct?)
18)It is possible to use analysing statics and also human tissue can be used to test drugs (It is possible to analyse statistics or use human tissue to test drugs??)
19)He was asked to solve the mistery about the ring lost in his room (about the ring stolen from his room?)
20)He asked to leave her seat free for him (her seat to him?)
21)They wanted to have no segregation laws (They wanted to abolish segr….)
22)He said that he wanted to meet hate with love??
23)He had his leg broken (he had broken his leg)
24)The window of the car was smashed
25)I don’ use the Internet to cheat but for school research
26) He transformed himself without wanting it (is wanting correct)
27) He thought it had to be exciting to be sometimes evil
28) Can you use sitting place instead of bus seat?
29) Scientits can create a reproduction of the human tissue and test products on it????
30) He uses the Internet for doing his researches but he copies what he finds word for word
Thanks for the help

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    Will you please answer my question on your LAST post? What exactly is this assignment?

    Just as before, it's much too long for my eyes to keep looking up and down, so I'm printing it first.


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    1. some synonyms of reduce: decrease, diminish, lessen, minify, cut down
    2. there is = singular but there are = plural (there are parts) (there is a part)
    3. ok
    4. either
    5. yes
    6. yes
    7. hang onto the rope
    8. a bit long. You could omit the first "and"
    9. are to do / or are doing
    10. ok
    11. ok
    12. ok
    13. use what is in the parentheses
    14. parentheses
    15. yes
    16. ok
    17. wanted to seat himself is better
    18. statics = statistics? = parentheses
    20. as is
    21. either
    22. ok
    24. either
    24. ok
    25. don' is missing the final detter = don't
    26. o k
    27. ok
    28 = awkward
    29. Scientists?
    30. ok

    Sorry, I was inerrupted.


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