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I'm suppose to write approximately 100 words or half a page for each of these questions & I need a little bit of help! :S
Question 1: After reading Act 1, Do you believe that Caesar might, indeed, be a threat to Roman Liberty?

Question 2: After reading Act 2, Compare and contrast the two domestic scenes that we see in this act: Brutus and Portia in their house and Caesar and Culpurnia in theirs. What do we learn about each of the characters from these scenes? What is the purpose of presenting the characters in these settings?

Question 3: After reading Act 3, Imagine you are Brutus. Write a journal entry describing the events of the day. Include your feelings as well as a description of what happened.

Question 4: After reading Act 4, Imagine you are one of the generals preparing for battle. Wright about your fears, hopes, and expectations for the coming events.

Question 5: After reading Act 5, This last act consists of many scenes of battle. Pretend that you have been given the assignment of foreign correspondent for a major media syndicate. You may choose to cover one general, one side, or both sides in the war. You will want to present both the "hard" news and the human interest side of your story.
You may write the point of view of:
-A reporter giving a strictly factual presentation
-An editorial writer giving your opinion on the action as well as on the outcome

Answer as little or as much as you would like.
Thanks so much :]

  • English- Juluis Caesar -

    Here's the best website I've found to help students read Shakespeare's plays and understand them:
    Click on the act and scene. You'll find original Shakespearean language on the left and a modern-day "translation" on the right.

    Here are several other really good websites about Shakespeare and his works and his times. Be sure to add ALL THESE to your favorites so you can find them again.



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