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Can you check these two sentences for me?
1) he dreamed of equality of all people
2) he fought against evil
3) the Black Power Movement was more militant (OR a more militant group?)
4) A homowork agency does his homework in Paul's place (instead of for Paul?)
5) He was asked to sort out a mystery about the theft of a ring. (is theft correct???) Someone of the servants (or one of the five servants) had stolen it
6) In a first time he liked it (better to use At first he liked it but then..)
7) He used his super powers for the humanity goodness corrected to do good to people or to help people or For the good of humanity???
8) the cat made a chain reaction : first, it .... (how can you correct thsi sentence??)
9) He sends him the questions and they send him the solutions or the answers??

  • English -

    1. He dreamed of equality for all people.

    2. (fine)

    3. Your first one is better.

    4. A homework agency does Paul's homework for him.

    5. He was asked to sort out a mystery about the theft of a ring. One of the servants had stolen it.

    6. At first, he liked it, but then ...

    7. He used his superpowers to do good for people. (OR: He used his superpowers for the good of humanity.)

    8. The cat caused a chain reaction: First it knocked over the vase, and then....

    9. He sends them the questions, and they send him the answers.

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