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does house personify the diseased, dying Usher family in "the fall of the house of usher". where can i get more info about this interpretation? plss help!

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    The term "house" can also refer to the family, as it does with aristocratic and royal families. The physical "house" that they live in is also described in human terms.

    You can get more information about this interpretation at

    Let me give you some additional English advice. When you write, begin each sentence with a capital letter; otherwise your essay grades will, or should, be lowered.

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    thanks a lot for your help and valueable help! :) and i assure you that i always begin my sentences with capital letters :)

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    Clearly you don't "always begin" your sentences with capital letters. None of your sentences are written so when you write on Jiskha!

    Too much texting and IMing in your life?

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    :) Well, if you all think I should use formal writing here I don't mind! It's just that I don't find it necessarily to be formal with my friends like you all! :)That's simple as it! :) No hard feelings!

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    Excellent, Bindiya!

    Remember that we are teachers, and we look at other people's writing that way. My 17-year-old grandson does whatever he wants on Facebook, his phone, etc., but when he knows he's writing to me, he shifts into formal English. It's just automatic; he doesn't even have to think about it anymore. And I've noticed that my 14-year-old grandson is now doing the same. (My 9-year-old granddaughter, however, hasn't reached that level of awareness, though!)

    The content of whatever you post is usually very good. I think you know that by now, and so do we here at Jiskha. It's very helpful for us (old fogeys that we may be!) to see your writing as you intend to turn it in -- with capitals, punctuation, etc.

    Thanks!! =)

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    Oh, you have grand children too! That's nice. :) lols Well like every child I'm and like your grand children, I'm exposed to IMing and Facebooking :) but when it comes to do formal writing- I'm at my best. :)
    Yes I do understand your feelings and your role which you have play as a teacher. Always correcting! :) It's just that each individual has different viewpoints and opinions! :) I'm happy to note that the content I post is good and concrete! :)


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