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State your opinion: Why do you think Romeo and Juliet remains so popular even to this day? What is it about their characters that makes it so easy for young people to identify them?

I think it's still popular to this day because teenagers can relate to their story. The age of 14 and 18 is a time when most people fall in love with someone; though they probably don't have a story similar to Romeo and Juliet's, it is still interesting to read about their tragedy which happened so many years ago.

Is this alright? Can you give me some suggestions, or state your opinion?


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    What besides falling in love do Romeo and Juliet share with today's teens? What other types of conflicts are there in the play? What you have is definitely correct, but there is more that will make your answer better.

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    I guess I can talk about Juliet's relationship with her parents, and how some teens have problems with that these days.


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    Another angle that I often can picture in my mind --

    Boys about your age were usually apprentices; sometimes they skipped work to attend a play. Since they had little money, they paid only a small amount to have a place to stand (not sit) in the audience. To keep their attention, Shakespeare threw fights and bawdy humor into his plays. Teens haven't changed much in the last 400 years.

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    MC...that is exactly what I had in mind. <G>

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