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What cultures and relgion affected the ottoman empire during its expansion?

did people from the ottoman empire convert and practiced religions and cultures from the areas they expanded to.

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    For the most part, the people conquered by the Ottoman Empire converted to Islam.

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    can you give me an example of empires which lost some of it culture and relgion be expanding

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    Off the top of my head I can't think of any. Most empires spread their culture; they don't lose it. Even the defeated empire the Nazis tried to create didn't result in a loss of culture or religion.

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    a goal of some empires is to expand right?

    aren't their some empires that got the negative affect?

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    Yes. The goal of empires is to expand. There are negative effects, especially when the mother country brutalizes the colonies and the native peoples. Often the victims are seen as the heroes and the empire is morally and ethically diminished.

    Have you studied this article?


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