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I am a preschool teacher who has been observed by the principle who was never been supportive anyway reacently I got her feedback and it was negative due to the fact that she wanted me to use differentiated instructions during and she just observed me during calendar time which I involved songs and reviewed the letters and numbers through games and songs we talked about the weather ,children were enjoying and I feel so bad since I work hard and all parents are happy and I have been told that I should never use the word No since when I was asking them what day is it they were confused between the names of the months and the days so I replied by saying No that's not right sweeties cause the names of the days are the following and encouraged them to sing the song with me which they enjoyed and now my children can tell the names of the days without being confused and I am a type who always let them express themselves but when we are discussing facts they should know what can be right what can be wrong ...

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    I think I'd like your teaching style, but I'm not your principal.

    I suggest you follow the principal's instructions. You might find that you get used to them and find them helpful. If nothing else, following the principal's directions will help you keep your job.

    By the way -- I hope you don't talk like you write. A sentence of 193 words is the longest sentence I've ever seen. It would be easier to understand if you stopped, took a break, and started a new sentence every so often.

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    Dear God woman. Who let you teach children? The system which tries to repress your personal expression in the classroom is the same one which, for some convoluted reason, gives jobs to people like you. You should quit before you do any more damage to those kids.

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