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3. The Kellers allow Annie and Helen to live alone for two weeks because they
a. believe that their interference creates too many obstacles
b. trust Annie to care for Helen as they would
c. fear that Helen will otherwise have to enter an institution
d. need peace and quiet
I'm stuck between c and d but I think it's c..?

5. All of the following words are archaic except
a. coz
b. God-den
c. halt
d. ope
I know it's not b but I don't know which one it is

6. Why doesn't Romeo want to fight Tybalt at first?
a. Romeo is a coward
b. Romeo is now related to Tybalt by marriage
c. Romeo thinks Mercutio has a better chance of beating Tybalt
d. Romeo is on his way to marry Juliet

8. As Juliet encounters more conflicts and problems, how does her character change?
a. She runs away from her problems
b. She becomes weaker and threatens suicide
c. She becomes more self-confident and pushes away her elders
d. She confesses that her life with Romeo is ill-fated and wants to leave him

9. Because the audience knows that Juliet is alive, the scene in which the Capulets, the nirse, and Paris bemoan her death is an illustration of
a. dramatic irony
b. a complication in the plot
c. a soliquy
d. comic relief


  • Literature -

    in # 5, look up the word "halt"

    3,6, 8, 9 are correct

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