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Imperialism can benefit one’s country. Empires can be built by securing resources; however, the building of empires has essentially led to many wars throughout history. Some believe that empires are needed and inevitable. These people would be considered ultra-nationalist. Others believe that Empires are dangerous and cause many unnecessary wars. These people are deemed internationalist as they are trying to promote global peace. Clearly, the ultra-nationalism of building an empire is wrong and should be avoided.

Various people believe that the building of an empire provides secure natural resources due to taking over territories owned by other countries. This ultra-nationalism can actually create a war due to an attempt of trying to take over another country, meaning that you lose resources in fighting a war. Germany's attempt to take over Europe is an example of how building an empire can lead to war. Nazi Germany started to build an empire in an attempt to be a world power. After Germany invaded Poland, both France and Britain declared war on Germany. Many lives were taken and resources were depleted on both sides of the war. Another example of how the building of empires can lead to war is when two neighbor countries are building an empire. When two neighbor countries try to build an empire, their expansion plans could contain similar territories. Neither side of these two ultra-nationalistic states would want to give up land to another.

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    i need this essay proofread please

    thesis is that the building of empires is bad

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    You need to re-think that first sentence in light of your thesis.

    You need to get rid of all instances of "you" throughout the paper.

    nationalist = singular
    nationalists = plural

    internationalist = singular
    internationalists = plural


    This isn't an essay yet. Here's the pattern for an essay:

    1. Intro paragraph, thesis statement at the end.
    2. First main point to support thesis statement -- and explanation about this main point.
    3. Second main point to support thesis statement -- and explanation about this main point.
    4. Third main point to support thesis statement -- and explanation about this main point.
    5. Conclusion paragraph

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    for our essay body paragraphs we are supposed to talk about the what the other side argues and then trash it

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    sorry for not telling you, but i was not don't yet.... i am sorry

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    So ... you're writing an argument!
    Go into Argumentative Essays on this website, and use all the ideas they give you.

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