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'Many of today's technological advancements occur because of an opportunity rather than a problem. Provide one example and explanation of the development of a recent technology that was driven by an identified opportunity.'

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    Well not all technology is developed to solve a problem.

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    there are conditions that people don't view as a problem. if a 'nonproblem' condition can be improved with tech, that is called a technological opportunity.

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    an example given in my book of this is the automatic coffeemaker.

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    there was no consumer cry for a enw way to make coffee. the percolator and drip coffee makers in use were adequate for the job.

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    however the first MrCoffee automatic drip coffee amker was an almost instant success.
    an opportunity was identified and a new product was born.

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    Can anyone please give me a few good examples of technological opportunity. Any product that was created in a better form, even though the original form was fit for the job.

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    (sorry, it wouldn't let me post it all at once)

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    One of the most amusing things I read recently was about "apps" that moms can download onto their iPhones or Blackberry phones, simply to entertain their kids while the mom was driving or fixing dinner or shopping or ...

    One of the apps looks like bubble wrap. By touching the bubbles, the kids can hear the pops ... and apparently the younger the kid, the more fun that one is. There are umpteen others, of course.

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    why thank you

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