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There are 1379 children signed up to play in a baseball
league. If exactly 9 players are to be placed on each
team, will any team be short of players?
b. A forester has 43,682 seedlings to be planted. Can these
be planted in an equal number of rows with 11 seedlings
in each row?
c. There are 261 students to be assigned to 9 teachers so
that each teacher has the same number of students. Is
this possible?
d. Six friends win with a lottery ticket. The payoff is
$242,800. Can the money be divided evenly?

  • math -

    a. 1379 is not evenly divisible by 9. You get 153 teams of nine, with two left over.
    b. Divide 43,682 by 11. You will see a remainder of 1.
    c. What is 261/9?
    d. What is $242,800/6 ?

    Do the calculations and see if you get remainders.

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