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Calculate the amount (volume) of 5.25% (wt./vol.) NaOCl solution (commercial bleach) required to oxidize 100 mg of 9-fluorenol to 9-fluorenone. Whenever appropriate, use balanced chemical equations as a part of your calculation.

I know that I need to start off with the balanced chemical equation. I was wondering if this was the correct chemical equation:

2 9-fluorenol + 2 NaOCl ==> 2 9-fluorenone + 2 NaOH + Cl2

  • OChem -

    I think if you draw out the fluorenol and fluorenone the H atoms in your equation will not balance.


    9-fluorenol + NaOCl ==> 9-fluorenone + NaCl + H2O

  • OChem -

    Thank you for the formula

    I was wondering for the answer I got 0.778 ml bleach. I was wondering if that was correct?

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