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Could someone please help me with this question. Thank you

The person makes a spin through the air, increasing the angular velocity from 3.0 to 5.0 rev/s while rotating through 1/2 revolution. How much time does this it take ?

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    wfinal^2=winitial^2+ 2*angacceleration*displacement

    displacement is PI radians
    Wf=2PI*5rad/sec wi= 2PI*3 rad/sec

    solve for angular dcceleration,then

    angacceleration= (wf-wi)/time
    and solve for time.

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    Im lost is there anyway you can solve this question for me? I know I should try by myself but I get ridiculous answers that defently do not make sense. I know how to solve for Wf which is .5235 and Wi .314159 but then Im lost

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