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The Richtr scale was evied y Cahrles F.Richter a American geologist. The scale is based on the equation M(x)=logx/x0(little 0), where x is the seismographic reading of the earthquake and x0 i 1 miron 0.001mm (the seismographic reading of a zero-level earthuquake)

a) Determine the magnitude of an earthquake with a seismographic readin of 1 mm
b)It is true that an earthquake of magnitude 8 i twice as intense as an earthquake of magnitude 4? Explain
c) Express the equation M=logx/x0(little 0) in exponential form
d) An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter cakeoccoedin Greece on June 15, 1955. Use your results form (c) above to determine its seismographic reading

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    Your "x0 i 1 miron 0.001mm"
    is unintelligible. Please make sure you typed the question correctly.

    Since the Richter scale is a logarithmic one, the answer to (b) is obviously "no".

    A magnitude 4 earthquake causes very little damage, even near the epicenter. A magnitude 8 earthquake can destroy buildings, bridges, elevated highways, and dams. Seismograph amplitudes will be about 10,000 times higher. (Note that Log(base10) of 10^4 = 4)

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