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I cannot figure this out I keep getting the order pair(1.24,-3.44), but it does not work when I check. Can you help me?

The other oneI needed to solve is this Question: 4y+3y<-35
I got -5> that right?

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    the first one does check.


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    Are you sure that the sigh does not change In the second problem? I thought that when you divide by neg then the signs switch?
    My instructor told me that the first one was wrong, so I kept going over it and over it, and she insists that it is wrong, unless she wants me to use fractions, but an answer in a decimal form is still considered an integer right?

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    I agree with bobpursley, your first equation solution is correct. It should not matter if you answer as a decimal or fraction of the decimal is exact, which it is.

    As to your question about reversing the sign for inequations:

    Yes, you do reverse the inequality sign if you multiply or divide by a negative, BUT...
    you did not divide by a negative, you divided both sides by +7, so it stays the same.

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