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Okay, so I am stuck on solving this using the substitution method.

The mortgage department of the company is selling two model homes that are located on the same block. The square footage, as well as the type of model, determines the cost of these homes.

e) The second home has 1000 square feet less than twice the square feet of the first home. Write an equation that illustrates this situation using x and y to denote home #1 and home #2, respectively.


f) Together, both homes have 4,400 square feet. Write an equation that illustrates this situation using the same variables you used in part e.

g) Use substitution to determine the square footage of each house. Explain how you arrived at your answer.


I need to isolate y in the first part, so I subtract 2x from both sides.


I am confused as to what I would do after this. Thanks for your help!

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    for substitution, put the first equation into the second...
    x+ (2x-1000)=4400
    x=1800 then go back and solve for y
    y= 2x-1000

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    Thank you so much for your help! :)

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