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Find all solutions of the equation:

2 cosx + sqrt2 = 0

A) x = ð/4 + 2nð or x = 7ð/4 + 2nð
B) x = 3ð/4 + 2nð or x = 5ð/4 + 2nð
C) x = ð/4 + nð or x = 7ð/4 + nð
D) x = 3ð/4 + nð or x = 5ð/4 + nð

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    this is in 3 grade?

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    that is NOT a 3rd grade equation, but nice try. I would help you, but you are not in third grade, there for you can figure it out. I am in fourth grade Cambridge and I only know that because I looked it up. and when you first look it up, you will find yourself!!!! you have to go to the calculator... if you are even allowed to use it in... what twelfth grade?

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