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We have to analyze this situation:

A teacher demeans her students. The teacher calls her students lazy and says they will end up in remedial classes. She states that anyone with less than a B "obviously doesn't care." The teacher sometimes refuses to answer students questions on the grounds that they can look up the answers themselves. She says "christ! i don't understand why anyone would not have gotten this answer!" As a result, her students are unable to concentrate out of fear for being belittled further.

a). Can action be taken against this teacher? What can her students do (I said speak with the principal, however would the principal be likely to confront the teacher about this?)

b). Could the teacher be fired?

c). Does this violate any rules?

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    I would hope the principal would take some kind of action. It's likely that s/he's had other complaints against the teacher for the same reasons.

    Whether a teacher can be fired is dependent upon the supervisor's diligence. Tenure laws demand a lot of documentation and proof of sufficient cause to fire a teacher. The procedure is for the superintendent to take his/her findings to the Board of Education, which is the only body that can fire a teacher. At this time, state tenure laws must be followed.

    I don't know of any "rules" against unethical classroom behavior -- but it's obviously unprofessional and probably enough to get the teacher fired. The key is the supervisor's extensive documentation.

  • Introduction to Educational Theory -

    IT is somewhat a curiousity, but if you change the word "teacher" to "parent", what you suggest for the child?

    I know, I am off track.

  • Introduction to Educational Theory -

    Actually, I was thinking of a student/parent conference with a chem student, and the parent did that to the kid. It changed my behavior with that student.

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