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Find the area of a triangle with a base of 3 5/8 in. and a height of 2 1/2 in.

A)4 15/32 in 2 (sq)

B)8 1/16 in 2 (sq)

C)4 17/32 in 2 (sq)

D)8 17/32 in 2 (sq)

Help!! I am so confused.

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    Area of triangle = (1/2)base*height
    here we need to convert the mixed numbers (i.e. sum of number and fractions) to improper fractions (numerator is greater than the denominator) to facilitate the eventual multiplication:

    base = 3 5/8 in. = (8*3+5)/8" = 29/8"
    height = 2 1/2 in. =(2*2+1)/2" = 5/2"

    Now calculate the area
    A = (1/2)*(29/8)*(5/2)

    Convert the improper fraction into a mixed number and make your choice of the answers.

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