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A football player kicks a football with an initial velocity of 30m/s at an angle of 55 degrees relative to the flat ground.
a)what is the speed of the football at its highest point
b)find the highes point reached
c)find the total time in the air
d)how far is the football kicked (what is the net displacement)
e)what is the velocity of the ball when it lands on the ground?

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    You are not learning much when you have others find the formulas for you abd do the work. This is basic stuff. When you have tried some of these yourslef, we will be glad to help you.

    For a), the vertical component is 0 and the horizontal component remains what it wa at kickoff. (Neglecting air friction)

    c)Twice the time it takes to make the vertical velocity component zero.

    d) (horizontal velocity component) x (time in the air)

    For (e), why would the kinetic energy chamge? The height remains ground level.

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    c. 5s

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