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SImplify the expressions.
1. x to the seventh times 1/x squared

2. (3 quaredx to the sixth)cubed

3. x to the nith/ x negitive squared

4. 15xsquaredy/ 6x to the fourthy to the fifth times 6xcubed y squared/5xy

USE direct substitution to evaluate the polynomial function for given x value.

5. f(x)= 4xcubed-6xsquared+2x-10 ; x=2

Use synthetic sub to evaluate th epolynomial function for the given vaule of x.

6. f(x)=8xto the fourth+5xcubed+4xsquared-x+7 ; x=-1

perform th eindicated operation to simplify each polynomial, write all answers in standered form

7. (3xsquared-5x+7)-(2xsquared+9x-1)

8. (5xcubed-2xsquared+8x)+(5xsquared-6)

9. (x+6)(x-8)

10. 2xsquared(-2xsquared+5x-6)

11. (3x-2)cubed

Factor each polynomaial completly

12. 64xcubed+343

13. 400xsquared-25

14. x to the fouth+8xsquared-9

15. 2xcubed-3xsquared+4x-6

Divide the polynomial function using long division

16. (12x cubed+31x squared-17x-6)/ (x+3)

Divide the polynomial function using synthetic division.

17. (x to the fourth+8xsquared-2)/ (x+2)

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    I will be happy to critique your thinking.

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