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5th grade Math

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Kate is going to carpet her living room floor and drew the diagram shown.
(I am not able to submit the drawn diagram. However I will try to describe) The diagram is a rectangle:
It is 16 feet at the top showing a right angle at the top left and a right angle at the top right. It is 11 feet on the left side with a right angle on the bottom left. It is 14 feet on the right side with a right angle on the bottom right. It is 10 feet on the bottom showing a right angle about 3/4 of the way adjacent to the right angle on the bottom right side of the rectangle.
What is the minimum number of square feet of carpet she will need?
a. 51 sq feet
b. 60 sq feet
c. 194 sq feet
d. 244 sq feet
Am I suppose to add all the sides together to get the answer?

Thank You

  • 5th grade Math -

    I don't see how the room can be a rectangle since the right and left side lengths are not equal. The top and bottom lengths (16 and 10) are also not equal. I would need a figure to see what is going on here.

    Break the room area up into rectangles and add them up. Usually when buying carpet for a nonrectangular room, one buys more than you need so that smaller areas do not have to be patched together.

  • 5th grade Math -

    I agree with dwrls that you are not clear in the last part of your description.
    I conclude that you have a smaller rectangel, 3 by 6, attached to the bottom right of your larger rectangle of 11 by 16

    The area of that would be
    11x16 + 6x3 = 194

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