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Hi, I was wondering if this was all grammatically correct. This is for a project of mine and it involves the use of both passe compose and imparfait. I needed to use 5 triggers words for each. The ones I used were Autrefois, Tous le soirs, pendant, souvent, and tous les jours for imparfait. For passe, I used hier, la semaine passée,quand,Plusieurs fois, and L'année dernière. I am also supposed to use two reflexive verbs but am unsure of where to put them. I know that it is a little messy but I was hoping you could also tell me if the trigger words are in the right places and sentences. Thanks.


He destroyed cities.

He made the people flee.

He is.... Klaudivan Jurmanski.

and only one can stop him.

1)I didn't know asians were able to become fat, did you live in America you slob?

3)I am the polecro Klaudivan Jurmanski, and I have insulted many in the past.

5)You couldn't get money from your mommy before coming?

7)So you ate all the groceries like a fat sweaty pig?

9)How have you lived while looking like that?

11)How have you lived with a brain the size of a walnut everyday?

13)Were you taught to be uncivilized like a barbarian to only use passé composé?

15)I smelt your failure often before we met.

17)I bet you were also a seal!

19)When did you start to walk, yesterday?

2)No, I lived in New Guinea, and I am eeL yaJ who are you?

4)did you have a pole up your ass many times you Croatian scum?!

6)I had to help her get groceries last week.

8)What were you, A Rooster?

10)By looking in the mirror every morning.

12)But, how did you graduate school?

14)You were probably the outcast of society.

16)at least I wasn't born a failure.

18)Did you have to beg like a dirty European tea bag begger when you wanted to come to this land?!

20)I wasn't a retarded little boy yesterday.

Il a détruit les villes.

Il a fait fuir les gens.

Il est .... Klaudivan Jurmanski.

et un seul peut l'arrêter.

Klaudivan Insults(imparfait)
1) Je ne connaissais pas les Asiatiques sont capables de devenir gros, avez-vous vivre en Amérique slob vous?

3) Je suis le Jurmanski polecro Klaudivan, et autrefois je n'ai insultais beaucoup.

5) On ne pouvait pas obtenir l'argent de votre maman avant de venir?

7) Donc, tu as mangais tous les produits d'épicerie comme un porc suant de matières grasses?

9) Comment avez-vous vécu pendant en regardant comme ça tous les jours?

11) Comment avez-vous vécu tous les soirs avec un cerveau de la taille d'une noix?

13) Avez-vous appris à être civilisés comme un barbare pour utiliser uniquement passé composé?

15) Souvent, j'ai senti votre échec avant notre rencontre.

17) Je parie que tu étais aussi un phoque!

19) Quand avez-vous commenciez à marcher, hier?

eeL yaJ insults(passe compose)
2) Non, j'ai vécu en Nouvelle-Guinée, et je suis yaj anguille qui vous êtes?

4) Plusieurs fois avez-vous eu un poteau dans le cul quand vous étiez plus jeune vous racaille croate?

6) La semaine passée je n'avais pour l'aider à faire l'épicerie.

8) Que tu étais, un coq?

10) En regardant dans le miroir chaque matin.

12) Mais, comment avez-vous l'école d'études supérieures?

14) L'année dernière vous étiez probablement le rebut de la société.

16) Au moins je n'étais pas né un échec.

18) Avez-vous eu à mendier pour obtenir ici comme un mendiant européenne sale sachet de thé!

20) Hier, je n'étais pas un petit garçon retardé.

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    Oh, and I also use Windows XP.

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    Tous le soirs = Tous les soirs

    This is so long and my eyes do not scan up and down at all well, so I'm printing this. Then I can read it far better and I'll be back when I've finished. Just know that I am working on it.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    First of all, are you SURE you want to write such insulting sentences for your project? If you were my student, I would certainly mark you down for your choice of subject! At least, I will tell you some "pitfalls" in the grammar.

    1. The difference between connaître (to be acquainted with) vs. savoir (to know a fact) #1

    2. A review of the imperfect (how to form it/when to use it) and the passé composé would be in order #3 (and I've no idea what "polecro" is)

    3. Decide if you wish to use the formal (vous) or the familiar (tu) and be consistent. #7, #9

    4. Remember that adjectives in French MUST have the same number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) as the noun(s) modified. # 13

    5. #2 = nor do I know what "yaj" is.

    6. #12. To graduate = recevoir le diplôme

    7. #16. When you look for a word in the dictionary, write down ALL the French choices. Now, look up each word for the primary English meaning. un échec = a thing/un raté = a person There is no shortcut for selecting the BEST translation.

    8. Watch out for English interference. If you write it in English FIRST you may not have the French word order. SIMPLIFY what you are trying to say and use the French you are comfortable with.

    These are some things to be "en garde" for, but please select another subject for your project and then I'll be only too happy to help you.

    Il a détruit les villes. THE? (specific ones) or SOME? = des villes

    et un seul peut l'arrêter = could be better with "il n'y a qu'un qui...

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    This has to be insulting or it will not work.

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