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identify infinitves and write how it is used which are noun adjective or adverb
1)To UNDERSTAND the difference between a democracy and a republic is important :noun

2)The captain struggled to REGAIN control of the foundering ship:adverb

3)Megellan's ship was the first to CIRCUMNAVIGATE the globe:adjective

4)The political prisoner refused to DENOUNCE his principles:noun

5)The class approved the decision to offer tutoring services to younger children:adverb

6)Kara's plan is to TAKE a trip to Australia next year:adverb

7)The hill above the town is the best place to WATCH the firwroks:adjective

8)Prospective team members must promise to ATTEND regular practice sessions: noun

  • LA -

    Six of your answers are correct.

    5) TO OFFER is an adjective, modifying "decision."

    6) TO TAKE is a noun, used as the predicate nominative after the linking verb "is."

  • LA -

    I assumed you knew what an infinitive is. Now I'm not so sure.

    The infinitive is TO plus the verb.


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