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Could you please explain the difference between PRENDRE and EMPOTER.
Is it correct to say:
Je prends le livre de la table
or do I need to say:
j'emporte le livre de la table

Is there no difference in French between WARM and HOT? Are both of them
I am warm - j'ai chaud
I am hot - j'ai chaud or would I then say: j'ai très chaud

Thank you

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    "Prendre" and " emporter " are synonyms. That means the same thing.It depends on the context.

    But you should say " Je prends le livre de la table ", I think it' s better.
    The other one is also true.

    By the way, " je prends le livre qui est sur la table " is much better :)

    I am warm = J' ai chaud
    I am hot = J' ai très chaud

    I hope i' m right :)

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    Right you are, Kanon! (on the warm vs. hot)

    Just to add a bit:
    prendre = to take; take on; take up; catch; get (obtain & bring); steal (a kiss); buy (a ticket); make (an appointment)

    empoter = to pot (a plant)
    emporter = to take away; carry of; remove

    Depending upon the context, of course, various meanings are best. Be sure to always give the entire context, or exactly how the word is used.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    Thank you very much!

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