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A 0.34 kg pendulum bob is attached to a string 1.2 m long. What is the change in the gravitational potential energy of the system as the bob swings from the bottom of the string, where θ = 37°?

i don't know how to do this. The bottom of the string is 1.2 m and it moves 37°...

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    Use trigonometry to figure out the displacement in the y direction

    (1.2 m) * (cos 37) = displacement in the y direction

    Displacement in x direction is not a concern here since we are talking about the gravitational force

    the gives you delta y
    then use you formula for potential energy due to y displacement to get change on gravitaitonal potential energy I think it is force* delta y * mass

    mgy = gravitational potential energy

    The force in this case is 9.8 (that due to gravity)

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